Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As the World Turns

Yesterday, the Matron moved her eldest into his dorm room.   Tears were shed and not just by her.   That young man may have experienced a moment of Sniffle himself.

At the University of Minnesota (ahem, BIG scholarship), he is close to home, but oh-so-far-away.   Yesterday was clearly a move out.   Away.  Into the new chapter. 

And this one, the girl?

Is now a young woman.   Happy birthday, Scarlett!!  The Matron's only daughter turned 16 today!   The Matron and her husband are parents of few rules and one of them is:  no dating until you're 16.  That's right.  Not a  peck, not a walk in the park, not a boyfriend-girlfriend.   Merrick asked Scarlett if she "plans to go crazy."  

But her mother isn't worried about that.   This child has been focused, disciplined and determined since birth. She continues to amaze and blaze onstage (The Cherry Orchard, coming up next) but has also shown up as her older brother's intellectual equal.   He was fourth in his graduating class.  She is rounding that corner at #7.   But 16!

Suddenly, Merrick isn't quite so much the baby anymore.   Not after pulling on that uniform and stepping into Middle School this morning.  He went in her little guy and emerged a middle-schooler.

She is certain that he will try to break that 'date at 16 rule.'    

The Matron feels like the real matronly deal -- the old lady sitting with her cronies in the church basement, watching the young people sing and dance after the wedding -- full of nostalgia, full of hope for the spectacular future in the youth before her, humbled by her own role in the universe. Her life! Tiny! Huge! Tiny by scale but enormous in terms of heart. The scope of history gives us just a firefly blip in its timeline, but each day shaped by love is as rich and dense as eternity.  

She is grateful for each and every one of those days she's given. 


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Isn't it awesome though that waxing nostalgic with our cronies in the church basement is a lot like chatting online in the comment section on various forms of social media?

Congrats on sticking the landing on those three kids of yours, each in his or her perfect place in the moment.

Minnesota Matron said...

Yes indeed, Cheri! We're doing the same thing, through a screen :-).

Anonymous said...

Look at these kids growing up! And so gracefully and well!
My oldest was disgusted by the dating rule (same as yours), but he doesn't even TALK to girls, so why should he care? I bet he doesn't ask a girl out until he's almost 18.
I bet this fall will be wonderful for each of you.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Congrats on college and on the scholarship! Yes, it does feel weird to be morphing into the older mother fondly watching as her children go off and do grown-up things.

*m* said...

They are growing up beautifully! I am becoming very sentimental as the days (years!) fly by. Only one more year before we have an empty nest. Enjoy all these amazing stages in your children's lives -- and your own.

Daisy said...

So many milestones! You have ever right to be sentimental. In the words of the Midwest, you done good.

Common Household Mom said...

Congratulations on these milestones!

Is that an actual photo of HWMNBN?

the_happy_hausfrau said...

Ahh! Tears. I dropped my daughter off at the U of M, too. But in Duluth. I miss her.

You have gorgeous kids. Congrats on the big milestones :)

Jennifer Denise Ouellette said...

It will be different, but still wonderful.

Lots of congrats all around!

Heather said...

I just read about your son publishing your book for you. How awesome is that?! I haven't been much of a blog reader or writer in the last few years but I had to come by and congratulate you on the book and the fabulous kids.
I used to write regularly at Cool Zebras.