Monday, November 28, 2011

The Twenty Year Marriage and Four Year Blog

The past couple of months, the Matron has felt her heart swell with nostalgia of those early, heady days of blogging.

She couldn't get enough! A post a day? Of course! Magnificent, well-thought out creatures worthy of paid publication and accolades? Darling, that's just for starters. Every day she looked forward to her hour with the computer, secretly composing stories in her spare time instead of focusing on mundane tasks like rearing children and earning a buck.

The blogs needs were met, and then some.

Sort of like sex in a new marriage and then not-so-new, marriage. Hot and heavy turns steady turns scheduled. Not always, but in long marriages there are eras, not months.

So dear little blog, she promises that things will get better. She will fondle and coo. Post more. Feed you robust words with lust and think of you again with longing, instead of one more entity requiring her care.

You too, John. She promises.

The Matron is finishing up the semester for the record books. She is working full time. Did she say this before? When the grades are all entered, she will have evaluated about 6,520 pieces of student work in sixteen weeks.

And she's still typing.

So dear little cold abandoned and shivering blog, take heart. Don't despair. The slow silent era reminds her that, like a good marriage, she's in it for the long haul. You are not forgotten just an afterthought for a little while.

She won't continue the marriage metaphors but let's just say her husband may be shivering curbside with the blog. Hang in there honey.

Every era has its beginning and end. She's ready to write that "happily ever after" any day now!