Friday, August 13, 2010

The Lice Chronicles, Part l: Just like Narnia, Kinda Sorta

Your poor dear Matron was buoyed by comments, suggestions, and sympathy in the comments on Wednesday; this helped her psyche and reminded her that life exists outside of a comb.

School--or at least the required work involved in preparing --starts Monday. The Matron spent six hours combing children's hair yesterday. That would be SIX. Add vacuuming every bit of upholstery and carpet and there you have her current universe.

After finding 72 dead bugs -- after treatment--on Merrick's head, she stopped counting.

She's certain she's going to be reincarnated into a member of the British royalty. With money and without lice.

In the meantime, creativity flags behind utility and combs . . . .

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The Matron had planned on rejuvenating her creative juices today.

Instead, she discovered that at least two of her three children have lice.

There's really nothing more to say than heaven help her. A shower cap, olive oil, and mayo are in her immediate future (it's okay to imagine that get-up now because she's wearing it and her husband SWEARS she looks good in a blue shower cap covered with olive oil and sex is still okay).

Another full-time job up ahead. Any advice or stories?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



She's in one. Hang in and check on Thursday, as things must certainly get better. Mostly there's driving, laundry, lunch, dusting, vacuuming, fall semester prep, late night Monopoly and a little weariness --the latter, being the soul kind.

Does anyone else get that ailment?