Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cutting Him Loose

Here is the Matron's life, a Friday morning before school.  Over oatmeal (Matron) and Cocoa Krispies (Merrick).

Merrick: "Did you and Dad sign a prenup?"

Matron: "What!? Why in the world are you asking?"

Merrick: "Because if something goes wrong with that colon-thing today, who gets me and Scarlett?"

Matron: "I think you're talking about a will -- and I'm not going to die during a colonoscopy. And Dad's not dying today, either. A prenuptial agreement is when you agree who gets what in a divorce, before you even get married. "

Merrick: "Okay then. How about the prenup thing? How did you split up kids?"

Matron: "We don't have one We didn't split up children."

Merrick: "Then who goes where when you get divorced?"

Matron: "We're not getting divorced."

Merrick: "What about if you both die?"

Matron: "Honey, why these questions today?"

Merrick: "I was thinking there are LOTS of ways I could be cut loose here and I want to know my options."

Day in the life.