Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Feminism

Read this. So true!

The Matron Made the Mistake of Googling He Who Cannot Be Named

That's right -- she was curious.

She can't reference what she found here. Let's just say her son shares his name with a porn star. Wonder if He Who Cannot Be Named has made this discovery?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why He is Called Satan's Familiar or Truth is Stranger (and Uglier) than Fiction

Today, the Matron enthusiastically -- stupidly -- allowed Satan's Familiar to accompany her to drop off Merrick at a friend's house.

The friend has a dog.

So. . . she wasn't thinking clearly and just let S.F. into the house with her. These are good friends, people whose house you can sort of walk into unannounced and yell "Hey get out of the shower we're here!"

(wouldn't that be annoying, though?)

Anyway, the Matron walked in with the demon and her son, and put her purse on the floor.

Whereupon Scruffy immediately lifted his cloven hoof and PEED IN/ON HER PURSE.

She thinks this pretty much sums up her relationship with that dog.

Funny how the five remaining pounds of Easter chocolate might just be left conveniently in his dog dish tonight.