Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Blog Day

The To Do List

(#14 -18 actually occupied a little too much brain/heart power)

1. Get kids off to school
2. Answer the 42 (yup) new emails in the inbox
3. Teach 10 am class
4. Short Meeting at 11:00
5. Scholarship Committee Meeting at 11:30
6. Field requests to teach an additional extra credit next semester
7. Serve as "team leader" on scholarship drive
8. Go to two hour meeting at 2:00
9. (this is her favorite) Prepare for two panel presentations at an all day conference tomorrow, one on something she doesn't know a thing about and the second on a paper she wrote TEN YEARS ago and completely forgot.
10. Enter online grades
11. Call publisher and beg for desk copies
12. Order books for next year
13. Office hours
14. Compose thoughtful, non-angry, reasoned, polite but incredulous (tone is important) email about the nepotism involved in selecting players for the Little League 13 year old team after hearing from TWO parties how it unfolded unfairly. Guess who didn't make the team.
15. Send said email to 15 friends and the husband instead of sending to Little League Board President. Better not to complain but wow, that felt good to compose.
16. Agonize for two hours about sending the email to the Board President after all.
17. Email someone else at Little League and rescind all volunteer hours. Tell them to cash the 'volunteer check' instead.
18. Call husband and tell him about the $100 anger hit to the budget
19. Send Scarlett's new head shot to agent
20. Make four audition phone calls on her behalf
21. Update family calendar
22. Sign up Merrick for one day camp
23. Send in form for try-outs for new baseball league
24. Cook dinner for friend who had surgery
25. Finish to do list.
26. Dinner
27. Battle with Merrick over homework
28. Hand over everything to John and go to bed!!!

Creative juices might ooze more tomorrow . . . ?

29. Agonize more about that damn email . . .