Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's Time To Retire The Matron

That's right, friends.   Minnesota Matron is tired.  Not the actual person herself (well, sometimes) but the blog has run its course.  

But what a run it has been!

Saturday, September 1, 2007 the Matron began chronicling the antics, pains, pleasures and problems associated with these three. 

Stryker, who was later dubbed He Who Cannot Be Named (HWCBN) was just 11!  Here he is a bit earlier than that.   The Matron's firstborn was certainly a hot topic on this blog, even if he didn't always endorse that practice. 

He's now a man.  In college!  Do you remember when she thought he might never get there?!

Then there was the girl in the middle!

Stage Mother!  Now, SHE'S truly tired.  But the theater kid can drive now.   Which helps a lot!

Because there are still auditions, rehearsals, and performances filling up the calendar.   Everything this lovely, generous young woman does feels a little like good-bye to her mother.  She too is growing on up and out.  Happy second half of your junior year of high school, darling!  

In just a tiny squirt of time -- a year and a half - there will be just one child in this house.

Thank God-Buddha-Oprah-Allah-Universe for the little guy!

There are some signs of danger, however.   He is in middle school!   She liked it better when sixth-grade was still elementary.

Merrick is definitely going to have a "certain way" with the ladies, much like his father.  We heard about that man here, too.

Of course, we can't forget Satan's Familiar or his compatriot Evil Doer.

So many stories!  So much light and life in this house, says the Matron.

She has made many, many friends through this blog -- Green Girl, Blog This Mom, Suburban Correspondent, Suburban Mom.  Mrs. G.   Turns out that these women have actual normal names.  And are now just a few of the many real friends the Matron met through blogging. 

Thank you, Internet and Facebook!  Thank you amazing women!

If you're a blog friend and/or reader who wants to stay in touch, the Matron frolics frequently on Facebook -- she's flexes that creative muscle there from time to time as well.   Mary Petrie.  St. Paul.   It's not tricky to find her (and who is kidding who about any privacy whatsoever at all).

Funny.  It does feel a bit like that at the moment.  It's been magic, yes, and now it is ending.  Thank you, too, for buying, supporting and cheering on this book!  Oh -- and there's that website, should you want to reach her that way. 

The Matron remains very much up in the thick of all those stories and lives she shared here.  That run?  Still going strong.  She hopes yours is, too, faithful reader.

Here's to your creative spirits!  Thank you for sustaining hers these wonderful, seven + years.   Now, onto 2015 and the various beauty and friendship we will all find there.