Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wherein the Matron Talks Politics

The Matron has turned her voting decisions over to her nine year old son.

Presidential Politics

Merrick:  "Mom, is it true that Mitt Romney tied his dog to the top of his car and DROVE on a vacation?"

Matron:  "Not privy to all the details, but yes.  That's true."

Merrick:  "Can you say it for me?"

Matron:  "?"

Merrick:  "Exactly what he did.  Say it so I can be sure."

Matron:  "Mitt Romney tied his dog on top of the family car and drove to his vacation."

Merrick:  "With the dog on top?"

Matron:  "Yes."

Complete horror overtakes the child.


Well, the Matron fell right out of her binder, laughing.

The Marriage Amendment in Minnesota

Minnesotans will be voting on whether or not to amend the state constitution to mandate that marriage can only be between one man and one woman.  Mormons must leave the state.

Merrick:  "If that amend thing passes, do Ann and Ann, Ricky and DJ, Aunties Chris and Susan, Holly and Betsy, Marc and Paul -- and Amy's Moms, you know, the Lauras  - do they all have to get a divorce?  By force?"

Matron:  "Honey, they're not married.  It's illegal right now for anybody who's not heterosexual to get married.  So nobody's married yet."

Shock on Merrick's end.

Merrick:  "You mean Lilly's moms and Abe's moms and the spermer dad -- and the Aunties -- NOBODY'S MARRIED?"

Matron:  "Not as in 'legally,' -- no."

Merrick:  "Nobody told all their kids, you know."

The Matron's only solace is the amendment passes?  Merrick and is kind are next in line to make these decisions.   Things will be different.