Friday, October 12, 2012

The Matron Has Not Been Sleeping!

Oh, loyal and lovely readers!

Yours truly is not completely abandoning her blog.   No.  She did dip through that near-divorce period.  But after a trial separation, she realizes that the cannot bear to severe this tie.   Mostly her divorce flirtations were an attempt to move over to Wordpress, but she's going to stick with Blogger.

Instead, the Matron has been fully engaged in life-on-the-ground:  everything is going great!    But this Fall, with an eye (and stomach ache) looking forward to the cost of college, she signed up to teach (gasp!) 130% time instead of the regular 100%.

This was:  A Bad Idea.

Yes, that extra bit of cash has come in handy, but the Matron has slogged through up to 200 pieces of student work A WEEK.   Much of these:  papers.   But the extra class --the one that has stopped her writing life, in all its incarnations -- ends on Sunday!   Papers will be tidied up and packaged in short order, and life returns to normal.

So will the Matron!  Thanks for being here.  Just knowing that there are reader - -friends, now -- wondering what's up, made her want to return!