Wednesday, July 6, 2011


No, not the hour although that is rapidly approaching.

Midnight is Merrick's name for the tiny, completely domesticated, friendly and hungry (and possibly pregnant) black cat who appeared at the Matronly door on Monday.

Initially, the cat's presence was innocuous. Innocent and uneventful.

Merrick: "Mom! There's a cat on our porch!! She's hungry -- can I give her some food?"

In a moment of complete insanity, the Matron handed Merrick a can of tuna, a bowl of milk and some leftover salmon. That cat immediately took up camp. She spread out on the porch, cuddled in laps, purred, and meowed her way indoors.

Because John is deathly allergic to cats, the indoor avenue didn't work.

The intrepid Merrick build a house for Midnight -- cat's new name -- in the backyard. He hooked up a hose for water and pondered electricity. Blankets and food abounded. Midnight purred on, oblivious to the human effort but contently basking in all the comforts of home -- her new home.

Then she disappeared.


That child roamed the neighborhood with a flashlight (even thought it was noon), looking for his new friend. He begged for "lost cat" flyers, fretted about her potential demise or worse yet, hunger pangs. Hours of energy were invested. The Matron was struck by his dedication and concern for a lost wee one. He went to bed with all the windows open, hoping for a meow, some sign that she'd returned to his care.

The Matron considered setting a trap (with sharp things involved) but didn't mention that.

Finally, Midnight returned. She cuddled into her backyard perch without a beat, meowing expectantly for her milk and expensive canned food. Merrick immediately obliged.

Now, the Matron has been already danced the Stray Cat tango, complete with birthing and baby kittens. She's not prone to repeat disaster.

But when Merrick slogged in after an hour of caring for Midnight, smelling slightly of salmon, milk, and cat? He turned to his Mama with damp eyes and said: "I LOVE that cat."


Guess who found a new home?

Unless you want her . . .


smalltownme said...

Our eldlerly cat departed....and bereft, we adopted two more... Good luck to Merrick and Midnight.

calamitysandra said...

He is just precious. Hopefully his heart will not be broken, and if Midnight is not pregnant, please consider getting her fixed.

And no milk for cats please, they have trouble with lactose.

Common Household Mom said...

So glad you're back at the blog!

In our neighborhood, we just have rabbits. Tons of them. I guess that's because we have no stray cats. It's sweet to read of your son's love for this cat, and I hope it doesn't turn into headache for you.

Anonymous said...

Well -- after she has her kittens, I may want to take her..

You can tell Merrick that I'm an experienced cat mamma, that I'll let her sleep with me and that I've had cats live until they are very, very old...

I'm currently cat-less and not in a big rush to have one, but come fall, if Midnight is cold, she can come live with me... and Merrick can come visit :).

Irene said...

If Midnight is not pregnant now and she becomes a feature at your house, you better make sure she can never become pregnant. I'd hate for you to get stuck with kittens, though I guess Merrick would be delighted.

Anonymous said...

Is she a good mouser?

Minnesota Matron said...

Midnight turned out to be a BOY (how embarrassing -- this is how we got 37 gerbils) named Toby, who is safely home across the alley. Merrick was, in the end, happy his friend found home!

hope505 said...

You are a saint for opening your home and heart to that cat.! (cat afficionado here.)

I say with love as always:
Milk is not good for adult cats. They drink water :)

" "Mom! There's a cat on our porch!! She's hungry -- can I give her some food?"
^^ that is very easy to read!!! I love it!!! You have an engaging writing style that communicates so much about you and your environs!

"whewe" = what on earth? it only confuses the reader when you attempt to write to include your son's speech impedement.

I've written to you about this before. If for whatever reason it can't be corrected, it's easier to read, and more respectful to Merrick (IMVHO) to please write his quotes in regular speech rather than phoneticized speech. At least consider it, won't you?

And so happy to hear about your new cat!!