Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Actual Conversation

Merrick: "Is thewe election tonight?"

Matron: "Yes there is!"

Merrick: "Is that why you have the wed 'I voted' stickew on?"

Matron: "Yes it is."

Merrick: "Did you vote fow me? I want to be elected billionaiwe."

Matron: "I'll always vote for you, honey."

Pause. The political animal in the Matron rethinks this position, strategically. Blood has some boundaries.

Matron: "Well, I'll always vote for you as long as you swing to the left."

Merrick? Immediately jumped off the couch and swung to the left. Arms, legs, torso -- bounding left. Good job, honey!

Merrick: "How's that? Who was youw fiwst evew vote for the King?"

Matron: "You mean President?"

Merrick: "Wight. Because Minnesota is pawt of Amewica, wight?"

Matron: "Yup. We're part of America. My first vote for president was for Sonia Johnson."

Merrick: "A giwl Pwesident -- or maybe Queen?"

Matron: "Well, she didn't win."

Merrick: "You lost!"

Matron: "One of many."

Merrick: "Mama, I will swing to the left again fow you."

And he did.


Anonymous said...

Losing literalness must be a step on the way to losing childhood innocence. Truly sad that, because it is is one of my favorite characteristics of little people. And of course you, dear Matron have proof that you warned him to keep the the right (er, left) path.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

He has my vote too.

Minnesota Matron said...

can I just say how much I love you guys?

MJ said...

Considering Merrick's sports inclination, I will break it to you gently that you will likely have to cast your left-leaning vote for Merrick being nominated to the sports hall of fame (or something similar) for his strong left swing ~ perhaps in baseball or in golf. Time will tell.

Altho I do adore how he makes such effort to swing left for you.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Keep swinging, buddy - we need all the counterweight we can get to steer clear of the crazy.

Navhelowife said...

Sigh. He is too adorable.
Could he come and convince my state to do the same? Never mind, after the peeps that were just elected, I think they'll be doing that in a few years all on their own.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for him!

Anonymous said...

Your Merrick makes my heart smile.

Daisy said...

I love this young man. I hope he'll always swing to the left: literally and figuratively.

Regina said...

Dear Merrick,
You rock. I would totally vote for you in the next president/king election!