Friday, July 23, 2010

Woman, 20 and 21st Century

Today, the Matron cleaned her closet.

She tugged on a pair of 20 year old jeans --- and panicked that they were tight in the waist (okay, and in other places).

The rational brain? Wow. Twenty years of good laundering! Twenty years and the pants still fit! Snug, but comfortable. We're all good here.

The Madonna-Lady Gaga-Kelly Ripa-Star Body of the Moment part of her brain? Very bad news.

She would like to say the rational brain rules, but -- well.

This is a cultural and personal battle she still fights daily. Yes, yes, she's aware of all the older ladies wearing purple hats and tossing aside expectation.s, celebrating wisdom and age.

But - she's not there yet.

Newly attuned to the cat-call and whistle. Okay, waiting anxiously for both . . .


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Respect for comfortably fitting into a 20 year old pair of jeans!!

SSG xxx

Anonymous said...

I am beyond impressed.
Fist bump! Or, if you prefer, I raise my wine glass in your direction.

PS: My word verification is veragin.
So the question is, do you prefer Vera Bradley or gin?

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! Work it!

Glennis said...

Huh. Lucky you. I wish it applied to me.

For me, it was 15 years worth of being able to wear my old clothes, and then the last 5 years it's as if they had belonged to a munchkin. I still weigh around the same - OK, maybe ten pounds heavier - but the body shape has changed. Gravity.