Monday, July 26, 2010

More Tomorrow

Is that enough, dear reader? -- and yes, she's channeling the Victorians.

The Matron is the midst of a book manuscript due in November (okay, start that soon) and the fifth annual backyard theater production involving 18 -30 children and much anxiety over sets and choreography. This would be Scarlett's anxiety and while the Matron has nothing to do with the production, she is WAY involved in the emotional backdrop that supports it all.

Plus, there are 18-30 children here every night from 5-8.

Wait! Can she wear that hair shirt now?

Update on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I like that phrase, "The emotional backdrop that supports it all." That's motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Wait, the backyard theatre is in YOUR backyard? Whew!! You are a hero!

Anonymous said...

What is this year's production? I'm SO curious! And like anonymous, I love that line, too.

Daisy said...

Maybe it's time for some of the other parents to chip in with costumes, scenery, or food. Would they? Could they?