Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gotta Love This Guy

He Who Cannot Be Named (new readers -- this is code for oldest child who doesn't want to be blogged about) needed red baseball socks, for well, baseball.

The Matron went on a trek for the socks. She took Merrick with her to a mega-sports store.

Merrick: "I want to be in and out. In and out of the store."

Matron: "Great idea! Me too. What do you mean by in and out?"

Merrick: "In and out means buying MY EQUIPMENT FIWST."

Guess who left with a hockey puck, baseball bat, basketball, tennis racket, tennis racket carrying bag and red baseball socks -- all within 10 minutes.

In and out.

And 75 dollars. That's the price she is prepared to pay for sanity and convenience . . .

She's really not proud of this character flaw. It's why retirement will be slim.


Anonymous said...

If only $75 was all it took to keep me sane!

smalltownme said...

Today's bribe to my 14 year old was unsuccessful...get your packing done and I will take you to a better hobby store than the one we visited yesterday. No, he'll just order the thing on-line. So no packing.

But when will the packing be done?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a few shopping trips I've been on.

Anonymous said...

In and out--of the store and fortune:)