Monday, December 21, 2009

Feeling Mortal

Going to Bed

by George Bilgere

I check the locks on the front door
and the side door,
make sure the windows are closed
and the heat dialed down.
I switch off the computer,
turn off the living room lights.

I let in the cats.

Reverently, I unplug the Christmas tree,
leaving Christ and the little animals
in the dark.

The last thing I do
is step out to the back yard
for a quick look at the Milky Way.

The stars are halogen-blue.
The constellations, whose names
I have long since forgotten,
look down anonymously,
and the whole galaxy
is cartwheeling in silence through the night.

Everything seems to be ok.


jenn said...

Absolutely lovely. "The stars are halogen-blue" = perfection.

Thank you.

Irene said...

Thank you for that poem, that's as honest as they come.

Rima said...

George Bilgere! He taught in the English dept. where I got my degree. Small world . . . or not.

The Other Laura said...

I love George Bilgere. The Good Kiss is one of my favorite books ever. I met him when we were at Oberlin College and he's just a wonderful human being.