Monday, September 28, 2009

PIcture Coming Later Today!

The Matron and her family are recent volunteers for Small Dog Rescue Minnesota, an organization that pretty much does what its titles implies: rescues small dogs.

Their very first foster dog was Abby!

Abby is now living in Wisconsin in a lovely home with an older-ish single woman whose life is pretty much devoted to her pets. The Matron might turn into one of those older-ish cat and dog devoted women one day but at the moment, she's too damn busy with an actual life.

Did she tell you yet that Stryker required an emergency dental visit, conveniently, on Friday night? The poor child is wearing both the Evil Herbst, which pushes his lower jaw forward

and its Demonic Twin Sister, the Rapid Palate Expander.

Some screw in the Herbst impaled Stryker, leaving him with an inch wide hole in his cheek, which promptly swelled to the size of a tennis ball.

That was fun.

Its solution involved power tools and old-fashioned ingenuity, which worked until about ten minutes ago when the Matron got a phone call from Stryker's school. The Herbst is now Halved and one half, again, lodged in Stryker's cheek.

This is all to explain why there is no picture yet of the new foster dog. The camera chord has gone missing (maybe it's playing with this barrette), the Matron has 65 papers to grade and now has another emergency dental visit to make.

Yes, there is a new foster dog.

Snappy arrived last night around 9 pm. He's a two year old Jack Russiel Terrier who had been living in an outdoor kennell in Tennesee for ONE YEAR. At least that's the story that came with him.

Lat night Snappy slept on a king size bed. What a difference a day makes!

That dog-devoted single older-ish nothing to kill but time life sounds dreamy . . . .


matgrif said...

I don't even know what to say...poor dear! I am just glad aforementioned torture devices were not in use "back in the day". I will never again complain about my receded chin. (we opted out of the break and reset the jaw choice) Ouch!

Hay said...

hehe, as the owner of a Jack Russell I wish you a hearty goodluck there Matron.

Karen said...

I'm with Hay ... when you said "jack russell" I thought OH NO, are they in for trouble ...

And I am just ignoring all the braces posts. Na-na-na-na-na-na-I-can't-HEAR-you .....

Irene said...

Are all these braces really necessary? I mean, is the child seriously deformed or something?

MJ said...

I have to interrupt my "tsk tsk" for not having picked up the pop can to announce, "poor Styker". That sounds incredibly painful. Tell him he'd be overwhelmed with sympathy if he'd just pick up that pop can and find your camera cord! In fact, I'd almost declare him a hero for being brave and chivalrous!