Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Matron's New Gig

The Matronly Online Data Function is sort of like the robot in Lost in Space: danger, danger!

This is her clever way of saying that she has no idea WHO is reading her blog, only how many.

So she can't tell how many of you aren't already Women's Colony readers. For the rest of you, the Matron has been buttering her bread on both sides - burning the candle-- tripping the light fantastic without letting on!

The Women's Colony's founding writer, Mrs. G, has set this online magazine up as a sort of collective and the Matron is one of that pack! If you're one of the (cough mumble) 2 or 3 readers who didn't get here, from there already, check out this fabulous magazine!

Much more on Monday! More dogs! More doings! More Stage Mother (really--and it's good). More work than usual too which is why she's very behind on her Reality Show Blog and why today's post is just shameless self-promotion.


Laura W. said...

I'm sure I'm one of many who read your blog independently. I've been reading since nearly the beginning. Can't wait to check out the new mag.

Minnesota Matron said...

Thank you so much, Laura! Makes me happy :-). The blog readership is steadily climbing, too!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I knew you before Women's Colony, too. But I am already a Colonist. It's a must-read, folks!

Anonymous said...

I started out reading your and Mrs G's blogs along with a few others. I also read Women's Colony, but in a way I prefer personal blogs... Kind of old-fashioned, I guess

Catherine said...

I really enjoy your writing and point of view both at your blog and at the Women's Colony.

The picture at the top of your blog looks VERY familiar It reminds me of a lake in the Netherlands. Where was it taken?

Unknown said...

cool cool cool
count me in