Friday, June 5, 2009

That Stryker, Oprah, Allah, God, Madonna Buddha Beyonce Beat

Remember Stryker's quest to change his name to the singular:  Stryker.

Today, the Matron and her husband attended a little awards ceremony at Stryker's Junior High School -- a ceremony in which the roughly 350 seventh graders were recognized for honor roll, track, French club and All That.

When Stryker's name was called, the Matron (who was experiencing an acute cardiovascular event over the hour + wait she was experiencing without a BOOK or WORK!) there was a low rumble of approval from the assorted seventh graders --and a couple of whoops -- when the announcer (his algebra teacher)  said this:

"Next, A honor roll, excellence in Magnet Science, excellence in Advanced Algebra, excellence in Advanced English and computer club--Stryker Thompson."


"Soon to be just Stryker, we hope."

And a low growl of approval rolled through the 300 + crowd.  
The Matron thinketh her son has the advance team out, working the field.  

Speaking of which, nobody was felled by gunfire or inflammatory rhetoric at Wednesday night's game, but the astrological powers that be have decided to torture the Matron with EIGHT HOURS OF BASEBALL tomorrow.

Certainly, someone's psyche will crack.     The Matron might just be first in line.  


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I must say, you did your part by giving him a great stand-alone first name.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Dear, you must take up knitting. I couldn't survive an awards assembly or sports event without it.

smalltownme said...

You waited without a book? I'm so sorry.

Ernest had to be at the school music program 1/2 hour early...I took my kindle. I can't wait without a book.

Anonymous said...

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The Other Laura said...

Wow. I will send good (should we wish for relaxing?) baseball vibes. My sister also has a hunk of her life consumed by baseball at this time of year. Knitting might help...

Irene said...

Yup! I would definitely take up knitting otherwise your psyche will crack. Knitting is a very meditative activity and productive also.

Stryker is such a good name to stand on its own. It's a very masculine name and carries a punch. You chose well, Matron.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

My my. Anonymous was more wordy than snarky today.

You may recall that I'm on Team Stryker on this one.

Congratualations Stryker.

(Don't forget about Bono.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Bono, Madonna, Prince, Stryker. Good names.

Knitting is the hobby for people with little patience. It fills those waiting times with calming productivity and the wonderful tactile sense of luscious yarn.

MJ said...

Reading the comments makes me on the verge of taking up knitting as a hobby. I understand that Martha Stewart has "learn to knit" instruction on her blog. Just thought you might want to know...

Heather said...

Wow, you have quite the troll there.

I wonder where Stryker gets his personality from? **looking in the Matron's general direction**

Kelly said...

Say what? Wow! I think SOMEONE needs their own blog.

I must agree with Jenn, you did give Stryker a great stand alone name. :) Also with the knitting, it is wonderful and so relaxing. It makes waiting so much more tolerable because you are actually making something in the process.

TexasDeb said...

Knitting is great for people with little patience? Really? Because I am finding, as an impatient person, that the several weeks/months it is taking me to knit a prayer shawl is driving me C R A Z Y. It is taking forfrickingever, thanks, and I work on it nearly every day.

I was going to suggest what my Mom used to do - take a section of a larger cross stitch project along with everywhere. She managed, over the course of two children taking piano lessons, playing sports, etc to finish panels to assemble into two beautiful twin sized quilts.

Cross stitch materials seem easier to manage transportably speaking. If I had to knit on this shawl thingie and have it all sitting on my lap outside in Texas in June I'd melt. Or kill somebody. Or both.

Daisy said...

Well, it worked for Cher.

Saucy said...

There really is something cool about a one-name moniker. It's really cool in that Beyonce, Bono, and yes, Oprah way.

buddhist amulet said...