Saturday, June 28, 2008

Notes from the Road

Observations from -- indeed, in the midst of -- the Matron's 48 hour whirlwind trip to Marshall and back.

1. There is Little League everywhere. These fields are always sweet.

2. Hotel lobbies have computers with internet access!

3. She's still the poor sibling (thanks for all the meals and hotel rooms and she means it!)

4. Stryker is the kind of child who will do this: rise at 6:30 am and participate in a Kid's Trialthon, even though he is riding somebody else's big adult bike and has only packed Heelies for shoes and hasn't much swimming experience and couldn't sleep, thus getting only about 5 hours of zzzzz's -- he will do this because his beloved Auntie is the YMCA Director and she set it all up and asked if he wanted to and he loves her. He is a total trooper that way and in all others.

5. Scarlett is not.

6. The weekend manager at the Matron's hotel has had died 5 people die or go missing within the past 2 1/2 months! He lost one former employee to drinking and driving; another to mysterious seizures; a third friend wandered away in May and hasn't returned; and then there's the 10 year old child. Not that the Matron said hello to this man in a friendly, off-hand, "I am passing you in the hallway and therefore will say hello" sort of way, and then was trapped, listening for a very very very long long while! (he's also worked at Burger King for 15 years as a second job and sometimes delivers pizza. he has pets, too, but she will stop here).

7. It is possible to wear the same camoflauge pants, blue-striped long-sleeved shirt, red sweatband and silver police badge for 4 days straight. This would not be the Matron.

8. Even toddlers on meth can have lovely speed-vacations.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

The Matron has lived to tell about it.

As for number two on your list, not if I were staying there. *sigh*

Karen Jensen said...

I am impressed with your fortitude.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That #5 can be frustrating.

JCK said...

Toddlers on meth. I experienced that yesterday entering a Chuck E. Cheese establishment.

Glad you're having a great whirlwind tour!

Anonymous said...

Matron - only 48 hours - and you know his life story!

JCK - does something called chuck e cheese really exist?


Angie said...

If you end up going missing from that hotel, we will know it was on purpose!

Glad you are surviving.

Lynda said...

The outfit sounds lovely~

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Um, #6? It would behoove the Matron not to get to chummy with this person. It would appear that bad things befall those who know him.

Manager Mom said...

Remind me NEVER to say hi to a hotel manager. That will teach you to be kind to strangers.

I think you would rock that cargo pants and police badge outfit quite nicely, actually!

Julie Pippert said...

#6 isn't it odd what people will tell passing strangers? #7 and #8 cracked me up (no pun intended).

Jocelyn said...

I seem to meet that motel manager everytime I leave the house. Sometimes he is a female employee at a Caribou Coffee who is developing a migraine and just needs to get off her feet and, yes, she is seeing the flashing lights, and it's really hard to steam milk when all she can think is that she needs to hold on and get through her shift so she can go home to her apartment 1.5 miles away.

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