Monday, February 11, 2008

It's All About the Butt Cheek

You should see how adorable a box looks on him, too. Smack, smooch!

Earlier in the day, Scarlett and Merrick were fussing over me on the couch. Think you've got a head cold? Sorry, sistah. I own this lament.

All of a sudden, Scarlett says, "Merrick! Let's get naked and play that game again!"

They start stripping.


Turns out 'that game' is chasing each other in order to generate agonizing noise for further pounding headache--and 'naked' meant underwear for Scarlett.

Not my baby. I still get me some butt cheek.


Anonymous said...

oooooh I LOVE but cheeks. Little Miss is naked much of the summer and it's so cute! The neighbours grandkid came over on the weekend and I put Little Miss on the tramp, pantless. Neighbour kid stopped bouncing, levelled a look at me and said, "WHY has that baby got no pants on?"
Feel better soon MM

Mrs. G. said...


Anonymous said...

I still can't keep my pinching fingers off my 12 year old son's popo. I probably should stop. And I will. Soon. Promise.