Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here You Go, Stryker

See, Stryker? You are the official center of attention. He asked me why I never put any of HIS very interesting creative work on my blog. He is deft with YouTube and the Creative Arts.

Considering yesterday--see below to understand how the Matron suffers--my obedience is hasty and complete.

Stryker? This is how you're currently using the brain described by your teacher as perhaps the sharpest in his 30 years of teaching?

Readers, please. Save your synapses. The visuals may make this point sufficiently.

And when this guy woke up on Saturday morning, the first thing he did was seek me out and proclaim his LOVE.

Fighting the good fight.


Anonymous said...

I now see the chipmunks in a whole new light.
Waaaaaaaaaay cooler than the other version!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Nice typeface manipulation, Stryker!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Zack is going to love this. I'm afraid.