Wednesday, December 26, 2007


After the birthday debacle, not only did John do well, but it appears he went directly to Canada to get me the exact bracelet in the ad. Thanks, Santa.

The last time it snowed so much over Christmas was 25 years ago. The Matron was just a wee thing. Of sorts. Relatively speaking. Generously. Anyway, we took the children sledding at dusk. The family, wishing a greater carbon footprint, drove the four blocks home. I walked and saw this.

And in someone's yard, snowflakes spun into brilliant colors.

And here, walking up the hill to our house.

The night was black, yet brilliant with snow and holiday light. After all the hustle and hurry-up of wrapping, and getting here and there, that half hour ( I lingered, those four blocks) was the first deep breath in a week.

Funny. It wasn't much, but that walk-- alone, awake, suspended--was the first time the humility and grace of the season overcame.

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Mrs. G. said...

Lovely photos, and I am LOVING that bracelet. Glad it was merry and bright and white.