Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Correspondence

Dear Scarlett,

You are a very loving child. But I am afraid that I can’t give away your gifts. Each gift is specially elf-made only for a specific child. If the child isn’t there, the gift can’t come through the chimney or window. Once the gift is in, it cannot leave. So here I am, inside, with presents that cannot leave.

Scarlett, every Christmas many, many children like you leave a similar note, concerned for children with less than they.

Every time a child asks to give up their gifts to others, my Magic allows me to take toys from the Emergency Bag (because sometimes presents fall during the sleigh ride – we travel swiftly) and give more toys to poor children. So the more children who have plenty think about others, the more those children are helped.

Kindness always touches others. You can also give away your extra toys, clothes and books to a homeless shelter. Those are the children I worry about most. They’re the hardest to reach, without a chimney or window! Please ask your parents to help you pack up what you don't need, and give away.

You know the meaning of Christmas: Love. So love in your own family (even the brothers) and that will change the world too.




Type (little) a aka Michele said...


Patti said...

What a sweetie!

kalurah said...

What a sweet, sweet girl you have!
I love that (you) suggested donating her own toys she no longer uses.
Happy Winter! :)

She She said...

Wow. What a special kid you have.

Minnesota Matron said...

She IS a sweetie. And was up till well past midnight, what with the weight of the world and all. So yours truly quietly played Santa while the other parent patted the empathic hand.

Sherry said...

A very sweet girl..and Santa writes an excellent letter herself!

Jodi Anderson said...

Major "awwwwww"!!