Sunday, November 2, 2014

That Magic Touch

The Matron's youngest - sliding along through the middle of 11 -- recently learned to wink.  He's been practicing.   And folks?  He and that wink are irresistable.
Last Monday morning . . . . .
Matron: "Merrrick are you ready for the big book presentation in English today?"
Merrick: "What book?"
Friends, this is where the Matron sits down on the floor and rocks herself a little, like someone institutionalized or soon to be.   The Matron has devoted herself to that presentation, that book, Merrick's homework.   He is so unorganized that he sometimes thinks he attends an entirely different school!!
Matron: "The book you've been reading for a month - Granny -- the one you wrote all those notecards for and are preparing the presentation on."
Merrick: "I have no idea what that's all about."
Matron: "So you have these 10 note cards outlining the main points of the book. You've read the book. There's the worksheet on 'how to do a presentation.' Does any of this ring a bell?"
Merrick: "WELL. Just because I have all that STUFF done doesn't mean I know what I'm supposed to say during the presentation. Does it?"
No, apparantly, it does not.
Merrick: "Don't worry, Mom. I have it under control."
Matron: "And?"
Merrick (BIG WINK): "I got this one. Check out this face. Is it working on you?"


Karen Jensen said...


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I love that kid. (And yes, I'm probably glad I'm not raising him to be a responsible adult. I have my own 22yo who still gives me reason to pull out my hair.)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Yep. I'd say he's got this, indeed.

Common Household Mom said...

This sounds all too familiar. At least he has read the book. He has, hasn't he?!

That new skill of winking should definitely be worked into the presentation.

Daisy said...

Charm can get him a long way, but get him out of a book presentation? I have doubts.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I would bet it did!

witchypoo said...

I need some pics of Satan's Familiar for the unbelievers.
Please help me.
Love you big,