Friday, October 17, 2014

That Other Child Speaks French, Too

Last night the Matron and her husband had good friends over for dinner.  Despite the fact that their child and hers have nothing in common except age (11), she is pretty sure that the two were switched at birth.
 Guess which child is reading which book?
 Guess which child was FORCED by a school assignment to read said book and which is on a Cather kick -- at age 11.
Matron: "Merrick, would you like to go to the library today?"
Merrick: "Are you forcing me?"
Matron: "Of course not! I just thought maybe you wanted to just check out some books."
Merrick: "Do you know me at all?"


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Love him!

Common Household Mom said...

Hope always springs eternal in a mother's heart, doesn't it? I regularly ask my child if she would like to resume piano lessons, because it crushed me when she abandoned that effort. My child's answer is similar to your child's answer.