Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Moment with Merrick

There are times when the Matron simply cannot get over the absolute adorability of her youngest son!  

In the kitchen:

Matron: "What do you want for your snack at camp, Merrick? Carrots, sugar snap peas, apple?"

Merrick: "Beef jerky."

Matron: "Don't want something to go with that -- a vegetable, fruit, cracker?"

Merrick (totally taken aback): "Mom! This is SPORTS camp. I can't bring sugar snap peas to a sports camp. I need meat."

Matron: "Preferably raw, correct? A big hunk of raw meat?"

Merrick (joy!): "Do we have some!!?"

Speaking of adorability, just see that radiate when he was three!    That little man could move a Fisher Price.  And he did . . . endlessly. 

Eight years later . . . and back in that kitchen.

 Merrick inquired if child labor laws existed in Minnesota.

Matron: "Well, yes. Why do you ask that?"

Merrick: "That's private information for me and the police."

For the record . . this is not long after he helped his mother set the recycling at the curb.

So much for the yard work impulse, it would appear.  The Matron thinks Mr. Adorability won't need lawn skills or a well-developed palate to succeed in life, particularly with the ladies (or the men, should he swing in that direction).   

He just needs to bat those eyes.


Anonymous said...

He SLAYS me!
Beef jerky! LOVE it.
And he should keep his info. private between him and the law enforcers.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Maybe don't tell him you're posting quotes and stories about him in case he is represented by legal counsel. ;-)

Deb said...

Reminds me of a time I took my boys to a vegetarian restaurant. When I asked how they liked it, Sam said, "Well, it would be really good...if it had meat in it!"

There's something about beef jerky and boys.