Monday, October 10, 2011

Buried Alive!

The Matron is pretty much ready to set up camp on Mount Never-Been-Climbed-Before-And-Nobody-On-It. This way, she could have complete solitude and all the time in the world -- or on the mountain.

Wait. She's afraid of heights. And there might be nothing to blog about.

But that's the kind of peace and pace that sends her current brain cells tingling. Yes, yours truly is buried alive under another kind of mountain: family and work. She has more assignments to grade than there are days in a year and not a day goes by without approximately three hours (at least) of child driving.

So . . . hang in there. Don't forget, don't give up! This too shall pass -- hopefully as soon as week's end.

In the meantime, for entertainment watch the Just Dance 3 Best Buy commercial. See those screaming girls and the one in braids? That's Scarlett in her first 'national' appearance.

Guess who hasn't even seen it!! Time to get cable.


Anonymous said...

Now I have to look for it!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Can we find it elsewhere on the Internet? I don't have cable, either!

Eric Smith said...

I'm still working on projects I started 15 years ago. Cut back now, before it's too late! As you get older, you're able to visualize doing more, but even as you visualize it happening your available time, physical energy and interest level drop - like two graph lines passing each other in the night.