Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Enter Contest. Maybe Win $200 Gift Certificate to Best Buy. Really.

Stage Mother has been absent for some time. She promises a full return within the week, with an update on Young Diva's summer exploits, upcoming shows and the big national commercial (in which she proves herself Effective in the delicate arena of squeals and giggles -- what talent).

Scarlett's upcoming show is Mean at Youth Performance Company. Now, the Matron has blogged about this show and that company before. You see, yours truly has a big old soft spot for Youth Performance Company -- YPC -- because not only is this a place for art, it's a creative autonomous, and safe space for teens.

Imagine. You're a parent. Your newly minted teenager is on the cusp of major life changes -- decisions that might have life-long consequences. New responsibilities. Challenging situations. Adult-in-training-time. And this newly minted teenager falls in with a certain kind of group.

The wrong side of the tracks? The fast crowd?

Cut to black and white film clip, 1950s. The Matron looks stylish in a June Cleaver sort of way (only without the cone-like breasts because hers are of the marshmallow-acorn variety). John has a crisp white shirt and sweater. Maybe a pipe.

Matron to John: "Honey, I'm worried about Scarlett."

John, clutching Matronly arm: "Me too! All that . . . " he breaks off, unable to continue.

Matron (frightened whisper): "Singing, dancing, and joy. I know! I know! What are we going to DO?"

The threat? A gang of theater-driven, community-minded, high-spirited and loving young people who spend their free time SINGING and DANCING, WRITING ORIGINAL PLAYS and PLANNING GOOD DEEDS.

The problems she has with this child! Co-mingling in song. Sigh.

Scarlett has just announced that Mean, which opens YPC's 23rd season on Saturday October 8 (go see it!) is Scarlett's 18th show in five years. Somebody has been counting.

Matron: "You owe your father and I $17,390 in travel expenses."


But the real point of this post is in the title. YPC is asking young people (12-18) to send in 30-60 second videos documenting their own experiences with bullying -- being a bystander, bearing witness, bullying or being bullied, they want 'em all. The best few will be incorporated into the play. Everybody gets his/her name in the hat to win that $200 Best Buy Gift Certificate.

Here's the link. And the info. God-Buddha-Oprah-Universe-Allah bless the internet. And that darn crowd Scarlett has fallen into . . .

Share Your "Mean" Story

Are you between the ages of 12-18? Have you been bullied? Been a bully? Been a bystander?

YPC would like you to create a 30-60 second video that shares your personal experience with bullying. The best videos will be screened at performances of Mean, October 5-23, 2011.

Videos can be emailed to (subject line - Mean Video) or uploaded to our facebook page.

Everyone who uploads a video will receive a free ticket to Mean. Also, your name will be placed in a drawing to win a $200 Best Buy gift card. (Drawing will take place on October 23rd prior to the 2pm show)

Videos & entry forms must be submitted by October 21, 2011 to be included in the drawing. Entries received after October 1st may not be screened at Mean due to time.

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