Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Matron's Problem

The Matron has a major issue with pregnant women. We're talking complete strangers. Her issue? She wants to gush about becoming a mama.

First, she does about 15 checks to make sure someone didn't just eat too much pasta last night but is genuinely pregnant. So far no misses.


Matron: "Oh!! When is your baby due! That's so wonderful! Is this your first, second, fifth?"

This happens at Target, in the grocery store, at schools, in the park, and at the library. The Matron sees a pregnant woman and immediately wants to spill blood and kiss a belly. It's that bad.

Today, yours truly was leaving her college and a very young woman -- ready to burst with baby -- walked through a campus door. Friends? The Matron nearly fell to her knees.

Matron: "OMIGOD. When is your baby due? You look great!!"

Complete Stranger, immediately bursting into tears: "April 1! I'm scared out of my mind."

Let's just say more sobbing ensued.

With that there was some wise counsel, the Matron understanding that she was a professor and this 20 year old a student, and she took that into consideration. She took the weeping, hormonal, near childbirth young adult to a corner and gave her a cup of tea.

Captive audience. So she regaled the complete stranger with all her birth stories. It's sort of like blogging. You're in charge.

At the end of the half hour -- it really was just a blip in the day -- the young woman wiped her eyes and said: "thank you."

Then, the baby had a major muscle move. He or she pummeled visibly.

Complete stranger: "Do you want to feel him or her?"

And the Matron put her hands and then her ears to the belly and felt the surge of a new life. And when the day seemed hard later? Well.


Jessie said...

I do the same thing, but ive never actually gotten up the courage to talk to a pregnant woman. I really do get teary when I see a pregnant woman, I love how being a momma makes every woman who is also one a sister.

trash said...

I don't know how big your campus is but how lovely if, come April, that wee student comes and introduces you and her baby.

unmitigated me said...

What a blessing you were to that poor girl! When I was in labor with my first, there was a teenage girl in the next bed, scared out of her mind. Two grown women were with her, and both seemed clueless as to how to help or talk to her. So sad. You keep right on gushing. It never hurts, and maybe it helps more than you realize.

Anonymous said...

You are a blessing to them.

MJ said...

Good for you for supporting young moms! I'm sure they appreciate that cup of tea!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I am envious over your opportunity, and I'm sure you were a huge blessing to this young woman.
You most certainly did the right thing.

Casey said...

I basically raised my little sister and now she just had her second baby. 5 weeks early. She was scared before both labors. I have no kids, just her so I appreciate that there are other mamas out there like you who take the time and want to listen/talk to a scared young girl. Not going to lie I was the clueless adult in the room not knowing what to say to my sis.