Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you!

Yesterday, the Matron woke to her youngest's sobs.

Merrick: "I have a headache! I haven't seen you ow Daddy in FOUW days! Please don't make me go to school. I hate that place."

Now, the Matron and her husband arrived home at 11:30 pm on Tuesday night. All three children were asleep (thanks, Grandma) and welcomed home their parents on Wednesday morning before school.

Or sort of before school.

The Matron watched the newly diagnosed Merrick blink, open his mouth and lick his lips every twenty seconds on Wednesday morning while he wailed about school. He plastered himself onto each parent and both dogs, one by one. He begged for a mental health day. The Matron's household has a 'mental health' policy. Every child gets two days to skip school for no reason whatsoever but for rejuvenation and mental health. Merrick has used his up (he's tidy that way).

Quick consultation in the bathroom as the Mom/Dad team compared notes on the puddle that would be Merrick.

Matron: "Honey, you can stay home today. Mom and Dad both have to work, but if you're okay with watching television, playing with the dogs and eating snack food, you can skip school."

Merrick: "Mama?"

Matron: "Yes?"

Merrick: "Is that what heaven will be like?"

Junk food, TV, dogs, and no school. Yes, my dear. Heaven.

Merrick? Your mother was happy to have you home yesterday. Yes, she just got back from an intensive work conference and had -- has -- about 2 million assignments to grade. But she called in sick and threw work to the wayside so she could cuddle with you, play with dogs, watch TV and snack.

Heaven, indeed.


Anonymous said...

I just finished a tickle-fest with my 5th grader. They grow up so fast, and I know that a year from now he will no longer be a little boy. I say enjoy the time while you still can!
Heaven indeed.

trash said...

Mental Health Days are a balm to the soul. Having just read previous post I reckon you both deserve it.

The National TS Council (or whatever title they use) won't know what has hit it!

Deb said...

You made the right call! Sometimes you need MORE than two mental health days a year!

Hope the little guy is feeling better.

My view of heaven--chocolate buffet!

Daisy said...

"is that what heaven will be like?" Sigh. Merrick, best wishes. And to all of you - Good luck with the new diagnosis.

My teen, on top of blindness and Asperger's, has tics. I feel for you.