Monday, February 21, 2011

Shock to the Matronly System

The Matron and her beloved, John, have a 14 and a half year old firstborn. That's 14.5 years of parenting.

And they have not traveled alone together for 14.5 years until now.

Yours truly undertook a major technology training, conveniently located in FLORIDA. Where there is no snow. She is currently sitting on the beach grading papers and hoping no one notices her absence at workshops and presentations.

John is completely idle. He feels like he should be cleaning bathrooms or driving fellow hotel guests to dance, theater, voice, baseball, debate, school or other activities.

John: "Mary? Can I get you anything? Are there chores to do?"

Matron: "You're on vacation."

John: "Can you send me a link to a definition of that concept?"

The Matron marvels that everyday someone comes into their hotel suite, cleans the bathroom, makes the bed and does dishes.

Wait. Isn't that why she had children? Hmmm. . . . let's just say the last time any offspring in her lineage loaded a dishwasher might have been 1975. And that would have been a much, much younger Matron.

There are 12-18 inches of fresh snow in Minnesota. The state is closed down. Here, people are drinking adult beverages at 9 am by the pool or on the beach.

So no distinct narrative today, just a sigh. Vitamin D is pouring into her veins and nobody needed a fourth drink of water last night or got up at 6 am for school. And here she thought heaven was just a myth.


trash said...

May you be fulfilled by your time in paradise.

Lisa B-K said...

La Famille B-K just returned from 10 days in sunny, sunny FL. The key is keeping those sunny feelings when it's pissing rain and 38 degrees. I'm doing a pretty good job so far.

Enjoy yr time away!

Jen on the Edge said...

It sounds heavenly.

The husband and I were just talking the other day about how we haven't traveled without children in 12.5 years. In another eight or so, that will become a reality and I'm not sure I'll be able to stand the shock.

Enjoy your vacation.

Jil said...

just cleaned another 2-3 inches off my driveway. I think my property total is somewhere at 15 inches right now for this snowstorm. Florida sounds lovely! Enjoy!

MJ said...

I never would have dreamed that a holiday would make you into a convert! Enjoy the vacation!

Anonymous said...

Still feeling fresh from my vitamin D injection in California. Enjoy your free time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy that Vitamin D -- soak it up and savor it!