Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The Matron had planned on rejuvenating her creative juices today.

Instead, she discovered that at least two of her three children have lice.

There's really nothing more to say than heaven help her. A shower cap, olive oil, and mayo are in her immediate future (it's okay to imagine that get-up now because she's wearing it and her husband SWEARS she looks good in a blue shower cap covered with olive oil and sex is still okay).

Another full-time job up ahead. Any advice or stories?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you have my sympathies.

SandieMN said...

There is nothing, truly more gross... and yes, that comes from experience.

The up side is that you don't have to contact the school and tell them-- because, you know, THAT would be better!

misswhits said...

We went through that several years ago and I found an effective treatment at Mississippi Market. It's called "Nit Free" and made by Wiseways Herbals. The biggest drag is combing out the nits. My husband spent hours just on my long hair. I also discovered through endless hours online that lice do not like tea tree. We switched to tea tree shampoo and they didn't come back.
Good luck!

Rachel from Maine said...

Oh you poor darling! I had a student that had constant lice and had to have her hair coated in hair conditioner every day before school started by the school nurse to contain the little critters. Ackk. I had to constantly watch to make sure she wasn't in close contact with the other kids. And she was a hugger. Talk about a dilemma. Even so, I can't imagine all you must be going through at home! Best of luck to you and may the Matron prevail!

*m* said...

Oh dear lord.

No advice but much sympathy from here.

Can you have them sleep outside in tents for a week or so while you fumigate.

As Mrs. G. would say: Kidding. Kind of.

Iron Needles said...

Probaby 20+ years ago, three daughters, all with long, beautiful hair. A day and a half, shampooing with some sort of nit-rid shampoo, combinh bit by bit with a tee tiny comb, because I was NOT going to cut their hair. (No ego involved there!) Washing bleaching hanging sheets out to dry...vacuuming vacuuming vacuuming. More combing. And watching for 2-3 weeks to make sure I got all the little buggers.

I did.

Best we could figure one picked them up while at a camp. And coming from a dry climate where such was not known, I was clueless.

Good luck.

Unknown said...

I have no advice for getting rid of lice. However, Fairy Tales hair care products are AWESOME at preventing lice in the first place. They are all natural and smell nice.

ilyanna said...

Ugh - am on the tail end of the same problem. I wound up shaving my son's head to 1/4 inch, and I don't care what anyone says, I was FINE with the noxious chemical route on myself. Just remember to wash all the stuffed animals, and there's "bedding spray" to put on mattresses and couches and car seats. Good luck!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

More experience her than I care to remember. Memory is actually not the write word--flashbacks is more like it.

Good luck!

Catherine said...

One of my sons had lice. Luckily it wasn't the son who has environmental allergies. We were able to use the store bought chemicals (yes, harsh, but I wanted to make sure that all those suckers were DEAD). The only piece of advice I have is to make sure that the hair is almost completely dry before using the chemicals (not the 'towel dry' that I consider OK, but really, almost completely dry). Water is used as an neutralizer for the chemicals. Who wants to use chemicals at all, or more than absolutely necessary?

The memory of the amount of unexpected laundry is daunting. All the stuffed animals an pillows were stored for a couple of days in airtight garbage bags!!!

I'm glad it's a distant memory now. Still vivid though

40something said...

Skip harsh chemicals. They only do what chemical-free treatments do--kill the lice. The f'n nits are indestructable. You have to get all of the nits off or they will hatch. So comb, comb, comb, but retreat once every three weeks to kill new lice hatched from the nits. My friend swears by this treatment: The site isn't selling anything, it just tell you what to do.

Daisy said...

My sympathies. I hope someone (husband or children) will help with the laundry and related cleaning involved.

sue b said...

Wash what you can in hot water and detergent. Put the rest in the freezer or in sealed plastic bags for a few days. What a hassle!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


And? That must be one hot blue shower cap, my friend. ;-)

MJ said...

Check my blog archive circa June 2010. Australia has a challenge with it as well & I have a link on my blog comments giving advice from an Australian perspective. Pop on the air conditioner (if you have it). Use the lice comb, hair conditioner and hairblower. Make sure to spray car seats.

I've been through your nightmare (during my kitchen reno).

My girls have short hair now, thanks to lice. It's easier to see and track and less likely to attract lice. And/or my preschool teacher's mother ensured that her daughters hair was always up in braids. Long hair attracts lice.

Good luck!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I am so sorry I missed this post! As a fellow hypochondriac who has permanent PTSD from the Year of the Head Lice, I extend my deepest empathy.

The link for the Nuvo treatment for head lice is right on. Cetaphil cleanser is the way to go. I'm not against the chemical insecticides; but they often don't work. Believe me, there is nothing worse than vacuuming the entire house, doing umpteen loads of laundry, and packing up all the stuffed animals only to find live lice crawling on your child's treated head 10 minutes before bedtime.

Cetaphil cleanser plus a hair dryer works. Just use it repeatedly.