Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Feminism

Read this. So true!


MidLifeMama said...

It is true, but what bothers me even more is that these shows focus so clearly on a woman being ugly. Whether the actress is ugly or not, why do we insist on making the point of the show, discussion, joke etc. the idea that a particular woman is ugly? At least with 30 Rock they also focus on Liz Lemon's clumsy social skills, or clutziness, or the issues with finding a decent date in NYC. But I am tired of LOOKS being the primary point of the joke.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought they were kidding when they referred to Rachel on Glee as ugly. Is Roseanne Barr the last "authentic" looking actress on TV? I'm starting to wonder..

Daisy said...

I resemble these remarks. I was the talented singer/ pianist/ performer in high school, but the one with dark hair and glasses (contacts were expensive and unrealistic for my family at the time).