Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Merrick's costume? A box. He was Box Man. Yes, yours truly sent her child out to trick-or-treat in a box --- with red marker for blood. No child was more proud of his/her costume than Box Man. Because he's seven, the youngest and missing a front tooth, no child was more adorable.

Scarlett? Twitter. Three hundred post-it notes plastered onto her body, half in Spanish, thanks to her current bilingual show, in which she plays an 8 year old Chilean girl whose lines are all in Spanish. Education through the arts! But how to explain being Twitter when you're at the door asking for candy?

HWCBN: Who knows. Football helmut, white bathrobe and lots of energy. There might have been some weapon involved (fake, of course). This was his last romp so she forgave him all. Next year, he's passing out candy.

Um . . . . whatever happened to the days of being a ghost or vampire? Box Man, Twitter and Masked Bath Robe Man?

But the parade of a hundred or so little ones who came through the neighborhood? Breaking her heart. These peri-menopausal hormones are good for something.

And the sixty pound blood hound puppy scored food and candy, in various circumspect ways.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

And thanks, neighbor, for driving the teenager home : -). You know who you are.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. What is it with last-borns and their incredible creativity with simple supplies? Those are my very favorite costumes.

MJ said...

Matron, I wouldn't have expected any more or less of your children! Their costumes make perfect sense for your family!

Anonymous said...


Lisse said...

I just have to say I *love* the Twitter idea!

Daisy said...

These trick-or-treaters are so adorable. One of my favorites this year: the little sister and brother in coordinated Gryffindor outfits. I was still drooling over their cuteness when I realized that their mom was my coworker, the art teacher!

Anonymous said...

I remember my brother's friends went through the "dead business man" phase of Halloween costume for many years to varying degrees.

Box man? Not that odd! Twitter is great and Bathrobe Boy? Well atleast he dressed up and the meaning is relevant only to HWCNBN!
In the big scheme of things; it's all good! At least YOUR husband did not dress up in a refrigerator box painted like an outhouse complete w/ crescent moon window!!! I am not kidding! Bramble