Friday, October 22, 2010

Break a Leg, Scarlett. Again, again, again. . . and so on.

No, the Matron is not going to, once again, repost the standard "Break a Leg, Scarlett." Here's the most recent, for a lovely, warm yet deeply sad show at Youth Performance Company. Can she say enough good things about this theater company? To every reader with a teen wondering where to take classes or audition, she can say: YPC. Scarlett might soon ask to move her mattress there.

Last night, saw the first preview of her next show, The House of Spirits, at Mixed Blood. Here's a little newspaper tidbit, featuring the truly amazing director.

Friends -- the Matron is now up to over 400 daily readers. If you live in the Twin Cities, this is one show that's worth seeing. For those of you in Japan and Australia? Well, maybe not.

Scarlett hasn't been to school in three weeks, but will return on Monday. If she gets into another show--one for which she's in the throes of callbacks -- the family will turn the home into a school and just throw hats into that ring.

Maybe Scarlett can just attend the Matron's community college?

Despite the driving, the time commitment, the drama -- the Matron is eternally grateful that her child has been living in a world of creativity, art and talent since she's been eight. She's sure that exposure has changed her daughter on a cellular level.

Note to Scarlett: Just leave the world a little bit better for your presence here. It doesn't matter if that's through theater or not (but maybe your mother's left wing politics MIGHT also influence?). But she hopes you've found some beauty and grace to pass onto others.

The same message goes to the other children -- be a good citizen, first. Stand for justice and peace; if you have extra money, give some away.

He Who Cannot be Named (HWCBN): "How can you be a billionaire and still be like Buddha? Isn't that your goal, MOM, for us be like Buddha? Did he nearly die of starvation, wander the countryside in rags and then get poisoned? Aren't you supposed to make the world a better place by doing what you love? And I love money! And food!"

That's okay, darling -- as long as you give some of both away. With heart.


Daisy said...

If she ever plays in a touring show and comes my way, we'll be there.

Fairlie - said...

"be a good citizen, first. Stand for justice and peace; if you have extra money, give some away."

What a lovely succinct philosophy to instil in your children.

MJ said...

HWCNBN reminds me of Alex Keaton surrounded by democrats. He might appreciate watching the reruns!

Anonymous said...

Brava to her! And brava to you for bringing her up right (and left--haha)!