Thursday, September 23, 2010

Actual Conversation

The Matron is happily making breakfast on a Wednesday morning full of dew and sunshine. The older children have been carried away on various buses. The dog has had his four mile run (and the Matron, too). She's prepared for the workday, all papers graded and lessons ready. The bathrooms are cleaned. Bacon is simmering and the eggs are ready to go. She has the rare sense that all is right in the world. Then, Merrick, whose school day starts significantly later than the others, appears in the kitchen.

Merrick (with urgency): "Mom!! Can I have youw cell phone?"

Matron: "Merrick. Good morning to you, too."


Matron: "Why?"

Merrick: "Actually, I need my own cell phone!! I need to check my email wight away."

Matron: "Email? You have email?"

Merrick: "Don't you know? I have a LOT of email evewy day. I'm stwessed about checking my email."

It turns out that Merrick established an email account (he's mastermerrick online) about six months ago. HWCBN and Scarlett sign him in and out and are in charge of passwords. But Merrick takes his electronic life seriously. He is seven.

Merrick: "What's spam, Mom? And can I send email to all of Scawlett's fwiends? Nobody else in my classwoom has email. Can I have a cell phone? How about a laptop? What does 'weply all' mean?"

Life in the 21st Century--and the timeless story about keeping up with the big kids.


trash said...

Take a breath and slow down Merrick. you'll catch up with them eventually.

Viktor said...

Hey, at least it involves weading.

Navhelowife said...

"I'm stwessed about checking my email"

Thank you for my giggle, no make that my outburst of laughter, for the day!

*m* said...

Is he on Twitter?

Anonymous said...

Poor Merrick! The stwess at his age!

Anonymous said...

I'm stwessed about checking my e-mail, too. Most days I'd rather run and hide and avoid the electronics altogether.

Daisy said...

"The bathrooms are cleaned."

That in itself is impressive.

MJ said...

Ah, I breathe a sigh of relief! So lucky am I that my girls are close together & neither have a whiff of what it means to have an email account! I am counting my blessings! Poor stwessed Merrick!