Monday, July 19, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

Remember that song?

This will kill you, it's that bad and lovely. Check out the little guy in the striped shirt, front row. The one who doesn't follow any instruction? Who rubs his nose or eyes every ten seconds?

Let's just admit that this group is better.

The Matron was thinking about this song over the weekend, as her domicile fairly radiated lights and love and all organic, authentic, human goodness.

He Who Cannot be Named Turned 14. Look how adorable yet introspective and intelligent he is at six, above. His birthday, Saturday, otherwise known as the ONE PERFECT DAY SHE RECEIVED AS A PARENT THUS FAR was a superior astrological event.


The day had as much to do with Merrick as HWCBN. Merrick participated in a city-wide tennis tournament and guess what? He won!! That child lobbed balls and served for four hours to emerge the victor --and a young one, at that.

He goes onto some other tournament this Friday.

The Matron's two favorite parts?

First, HWCBN spent the bulk of his birthday watching his brother play tennis. Here's the report.

HWCBN: "This is the best day ever. I was SO nervous for Merrick and I'm SO proud of him!" The Matron thinks perhaps HWCBN is confusing himself as a parent; he was that invested.

Best part number two? After every match, this is what Merrick said:

"Is the game ovew? Who won?"

John: "Merrick, you won."

Merrick: "Oh no! Who's talking to the othew guy? Is he okay? I can do wowse."

Could it get better? Earlier, Scarlett sang a haunting duet in rehearsal for her upcoming show (proud mom got to watch) and was hailed by all. Merrick nailed the tournament at seven. Stryker was more excited about his brother's success than about Windows 7 or his own birthday.

Those little lights that she helped create? Shining.

But the, just to make sure she cried a little, Merrick won the award for 'best sportsmanship' of the tournament, for making honest calls and for a generous spirit -- out of 300 players.

Everything quickly turned ugly later (insomniac 11 year old, computer game battles, fight over who looks in what direction while in the car or otherwise pokes someone, distrust of authority, etc), but for a few hours?


Knowing that's a fleeting, arbitrary state makes it sweeter.


smalltownme said...

I hope you have more perfect days in the future!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Might as well take full credit for the good stuff; because you can rest assured you'll receive the blame if/when things don't go that well.

Congrats on your lovely day! What show is Scarlett in now? Did I miss something?

Minnesota Matron said...

Scarlett is in Music Man this summer (community theater) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof this fall (professional show) and has a third callback for a big holiday blast at one of the big guns. .. . . we'll see. There will be more on this, I'm sure.

Yes, I can see the blame coming. I'll take my ONE perfect day. One out of fourteen years. Sort of pathetic.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

A perfect day brought to you by your own personal Trinity.


MJ said...

You have amazing kids!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Those days are wonderful for sure.

jardinera linda said...

it is so sweet when siblings show love to one another! specially because it doesn't happen too often!

"fight over who looks in what direction while in the car" ha ha ha haaaaa, i thought my kids were the only crazy ones doing that! thanks for sharing! i feel better now!!!

Anonymous said...

What awesome kids! That is a tribute to you and John.

Daisy said...

A perfect day - and a monkey couldn't have done it. Nope. You've earned this one.

Deb said...

The term is "poiked", as in, "He poiked me." This is when you point your finger menacingly at your sibling and cause all kinds of hysteria.

I am very glad you had a perfect day. Every parent deserves at least one.

Anonymous said...

You must have been BURSTING at your seams! Huzzah for Merrick! And for HWSNBN for being so present for his brother on the occasion. And naturally, Miss Scarlett continues to amaze and astound, right?

Susan said...

Your "little lights" - I love that! Hope you get another perfect day to add to that one.

Anonymous said...

Can I send my kids to you for big brother/little brother tips? They are pretty nice to each other, but that? That was just AWESOME.