Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stage Mother

Guess who sat in a high school auditorium for FIVE HOURS tonight, waiting for the longest callback in the history of theater to end?

Redeeming factors are twofold.

First, she had her laptop and there was wi-fi.

Second, the show is Oliver. Guess who was one of two children narrowed down as Oliver (and asked to stay longer and sing more) -- one boy and one girl -- for that very role.

Keep your fingers crossed! Unfortunately -- or fortunately -- there are substantial conflicts in your favorite thespian's schedule. The family is taking a major summer road trip that will include Wicked on Broadway.

Scarlett would sell her soul for this. She currently inhales Glee as fuel.

Stage Mother actually possessed the Matron tonight because the busy community college teacher Matron has close to 85 papers to grade by Monday. She also likes to do a good job, so there's that whole time thing.

She spent a total of seven hours driving children today. Do other people do this? That's sort of a serious question.

Thank God-Buddha-Oprah-Allah-Universe she can function on adrenaline alone. Who needs sleep?

And so far, Merrick does not have lice. The Matron sent him to school in a plastic hair net. Not really, but there's that whole fantasy life again . . . .


Allmycke said...

Fingers crossed for Scarlett AND Merrick!

unmitigated me said...

Oh crap, my head itches every time I even SEE the word. Best of luck to Scarlett, and you can sleep now, or when you get sick, your choice.

Laurie said...

Is this for the Rosetown Players production? It would be cool if my son got to be one of Scarlett's mionions! Yes, he auditioned for this!

smalltownme said...

I have, on occasion, spent 2 hours driving plus 5 hours in between sitting and waiting. Does that count as 7?

Minnesota Matron said...

Laurie -- There's nothing Scarlett likes more than minions! I hope your son gets in!!

Anonymous said...

An hour, tops. But we don't live further than 15 minutes from anything we "do" here.
Am breathlessly waiting for news about Scarlett's future!

Jen on the Edge said...

Thank goodness neither of my girls is into theater, dance, or music. Soccer isn't too bad for me because my husband is the coach and does all shuttling to and from practice and games. Even horseback riding isn't a problem because our daughter does not compete and does not want to compete.

MJ said...

There's the reason I stopped at having 2 children: I heard about the chauffeuring experience & thought I'd be overwhelmed with 3!

Here's hoping that things turn out the way Scarlett wants & the Merrick avoids the lice plague!!

carol said...

Yes there was a lot of drive - time involved in soccer for my 2 kids. From West Texas to Colorado, New Mexico, and all over Texas. When the kids are grown and gone you will be very happy you were able to do all you could while you had them near. Something about our parents we seem to "see" our kids as our parents did not "see" us. I competed in gymnastics for 10 years and my parents never once walked down the street to the gym to see me perform.

thefirecat said...

Wait, this means you'll be in New York?????? When????

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Anonymous said...

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