Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday (But Two Days Late) Merrick!


You know you're the third child when your mother --- on the actual DAY of her other children's birthdays -- posts long, loving picture-filled posts about these babies.

The third child?

Well, she forgot!

More accurately, she was busy organizing the World's Most Amazing Birthday Party in the History of Childhood (At Least Yours). Why? Because the birthday party featured special guest Uncle Steve (married to Daddy's TWIN sister) the Canine Cop and Cody the Police Dog.

Merrick, at your birthday you and seven of your closest friends watched a 90 pound German Shepherd take down Daddy. Who was wearing protective gear, but a major success, nonetheless.

Even though Uncle Steve does not share your blood, you share the same He-Man spirit. This is as close as it will get, honey.

Saturday, you turned seven. Let's just trip down memory lane, shall we?

Your mother never thought she'd have children. There's evidence of this somewhere, a wedding video replete with martinis and cigarettes, in which she swears off children like fleas. Three months later? Pregnant. Once she had one, she knew she needed a bundle of children, a pack. Not that she necessarily enjoyed children so much. Just that your mother recognized her own intensity demanded distribution among many rather than laser-like focus on one.

Because of -- well, big busy beautiful Life with complications -- your conception was delayed until your mother saw the big 4-0 bearing down, fast. Later, your parents decided, for the first time, not to find out which gender was brewing.

But one night, your mother got up to use the bathroom for the 200 millionth time. She looked out the window. Brittle snow and a bright moon, a black northern night. And as she turned from the window, she knew you were a boy. She felt you.

When you finally arrived (9 lbs and 11 ounces of you!), your parents simply threw you into the mix. One of the pack. So there was a lot of this:

You proved to be durable, of flexible purpose.

Usurped from her place as the youngest, your sister observed: "Merrick's head looks like a big chunk of meatloaf. He's a meatloaf head."

Mama asked: "How do you feel about your baby brother?"

Scarlett: "I half love him and half hate him."

Mama: "Have you ever seen meatloaf?"

Scarlett: "I have now. Meatloaf Head."

Meatloaf Head, your big sister's Love Half soon swelled to a Love Whole.

But the name stuck. Meatloaf Head or MLH for short. You also received no small amount of affection from your big brother.

Those big kids touched the moon! Later bedtimes! Books they could read without Mama! The freedom to stand up and grab a glass! They could perform miracles like making Barney appear on the television, cut shapes from paper, and make Grandma's voice come through the telephone. Their powers were magical, enviable.

So there was also a whole lot of this:

You are all about catching up. Keeping up. But sweetie, you stand alone in your love for our puppies. Here you are with the regal Thurston. The family misses you, gentle friend.

Your brothers and sisters came without the Zap Tingle Itch Ow! Skin with which you were born. Shorts? One pair will do, those with the perfectly worn elastic and tag long cut off. Shirt sleeves must fall 4 exacting inches below the shoulder with a neckline soft and pristine. You now need 20 minutes to put on your shoes because of that dreadful sock seam. The sock seam is Evil Incarnate. And it hurts your skin.

You loved motorcycles early, and still do. You got your first ride on a real motorcycle when you were three (ssshhh! don't tell Child Protection!). It was just 5 miles an hour and one block long, but still--you had arrived.

Even though you scream "Don't say that!" when she does: you are the Matron's sweet baby. You know that book, Love You Forever? Every night she sneaks into your room and stare. How lucky did she get ?

And when she can't get through that book without weeping? Scarlett steps in. "Here, Mama. Let me read that for you." Thanks, darling. Only makes her cry harder.

Merrick, you love weaponry, dogs and cats, stuffed animals and spicy rice and tofu. You are always good for a cuddle. You are a good friend and are lucky enough to share your brother's wicked sense of humor. Here, you decided that getting tied to a tree would be a really good time.

If your Ninja Turtle Sword is on the third floor and you're in the basement, your legs will hurt and tummy churn and certainly, your Mama will retrieve it? You have a way with balls and sport, batting like a 10 year-old, making basket after basket and catching Daddy's hard balls.

You play with this dog like you were one of the breed. Don't be. Remember, we're talking about Satan's Familiar.

Even though you can't read yet, you can slide down the stairs on your belly and will volunteer to be buried alive.

And you put on footie pajamas-- the minute you get home from school, every day! She figures you're a Coach Potato in training. You wear each pair until the toes are frayed and failing.

You are still comfortable in body and not in book. But she's learning that's okay.

Seven years on this planet! A wink and eternity.

Oh, and your Mama? The one who had her last baby (that would be you) right after turning a certain ROUND NUMBER starting with 4 (but cannot be named sorta like the elder son) has officially become a sentimental weenie: one big fountain at the thought - seven.

My baby.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Best that you waited until after the party for the birthday post so we could all know that John survived it.

Happy Birthday to Merrick!

Daisy said...

9 lbs 11 oz? He owes you big time just for surviving that delivery!

Deb said...

Just wonderful! It brings tears to my eyes.

And for the record, "He-man spirit" is one of my all time favorite posts EVER!

Michele R said...

I love how you wrote about him and what you wrote about him.

Minnesota Matron said...

You guys make my day. Really.

MJ said...

Hurrah for Merrick! Hurrah for Matron! You both deserve a motor-roaring cheer!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Merrick!

(You do know the sock thing is a sure sign of giftedness, do you not?).

racheld said...

What a milestone!!! And what a party! Clowns and climby-castles are SO cliche'---but your own Canine Cop and Police Dog---Wow. You folks DO know how to party.

Happy Seven-OH, Merrick!

My secret word is "bewing"---I think that's perfect for this post
because your Mama is certainly encouraging you three to fly.

We should ALL bewing our children.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Mewwick, happy b'day? (Momma: how long and how big around are his feet? That boy clearly needs a pair of hand-knit -- hence, seamless!) socks.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns to the Meatloaf-Head. He sounds pretty awesome to me!

Karen said...

Just thinking about Love You Forever makes me teary ... and the sock thing is true, you know ... Congratulations to both of you!