Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buy Stock In Q-Tips

Oh, how the Matron loves her Q-Tips. Is there a better invention? She uses these daily. Indeed, might be a bit obsessive about ear wax -- in anyone (especially children). Let's just keep everybody's dignity intact and note that the Matron is of a people with clean ears.

Q-Tips, in a pinch, are dog toys. Satan's Familiar has been known to hop about the house with one in his oily jaw.

Q-Tips are undeniably a must-have in any household with children. You can use them for glue, paint and glitter. Or building material. It is entirely possible to build a castle out of Elmer's glue and Q-Tips. This feat has been accomplished several times in her household.

Now. . . remember the Matron and her special Y2K hysteria? The era in which she was convinced the Apocalypse was pending -- or at least just for her? Remember how the Matron stocked up? On only Q-Tips?

Here's how many she purchased. After daily swabs, one dog and dozens upon dozens upon dozens of crafty endeavors . . . . the Matron is down to 5 Q-Tips.

She might just keep them as antiques. But that was well over TEN YEARS of Q-Tips she purchased in preparation for Y2K. Thank goodness she didn't decide to stock up on ice cream sandwiches. That would really be a mess.

What DOES a Q-Tip go for these days?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I would stock up on M&Ms, if I thought the end were near. LIKE NOW! Mary, tornado warnings in San Diego! I'll never get over this.

MidLifeMama said...

Of all the things you thought we would run out of, it was Q-tips? My husband is a daily ear cleaner. I am not. When my son was born I noticed he had copious amounts of ear wax. The pediatrician told me it is genetic, that ONE of his parents must be very waxy. I guess we know who THAT is.

Daisy said...

We refer to our teenage son as a Wax Factory. He was (and occasionally still is) prone to ear infections, too. We find only the real Qtips are worthwhile - skip the generic.

MJ said...

I use Qtips (or generic brand) for folk-art painting. Whenever I am painting with acrylic & make an error, out comes a qtip with a little saliva. It works perfectly but I often feel I should be producing cotton balls, similar to how cats produce fur balls!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Ice cream sandwiches are more fun.

I'll have to introduce the "Q-tip as building material" concept to the kids. Currently, their preferred media are craft sticks and duct tape.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to run out of Q-tips. I have trouble keeping myself from cleaning other people's ears!
But 10 years' worth? That is impressive!

Hay said...

We are bombarded with ads about the dangers of using Q-tips, or cotton tips as we call them, in the ear canal, so I now have a secret fear of them. But like MJ, we have used them for painting.

jenn said...

Agreed. We use them for everything, and the cat is always happy to swipe one if we let it fall.

Anonymous said...

You will be horrified. Last Saturday I took my 4 year old son to the pediatrician with a suspected ear infection. His build-up of ear wax, which the doctors had complained about many times but warned us against using Q-tips (?), had become so great as to obscure the view of his inner ear. They used some sort of adapted water-pik device to loosen the wax. There was much crying, a lot of leaking, and finally two dark brown cratered lumps of ear wax the size of green peas. I was going to photograph them (we took them home) but I waited too long and in the dry air they have shriveled.