Friday, November 6, 2009

Actual Conversation

Stryker: "Mom, how much do you and Dad usually spend on Christmas?"

Matron: "Hmmm . . usually about $500 or $600. Maybe less this year."

Stryker: "Wow! That's terrific! I was worried there for awhile!"

The joy in his face gives the Matron slight pause.

Matron: "Stryker? That's not $500 or $600 per kid. That's for everything."

Beat of incorporation

Stryker: "That's still $166 to $200 per kid. Not bad."

Matron: "Everything includes neighbors, cousins, grandparents, friends and teachers. Everything is actually EVERYTHING."

Stryker: "Uh oh."

Matron (prepared to take the hit): "Spill it. What's the potential tally on your list?"

Stryker: "$487.63, plus shipping."

Matron: "Where did the magic of Santa go?!"

Stryker: "We're Buddhists, Mom. This holiday has always been pragmatism, commerce and negotiation."

Matron: "Please don't pick this very moment to tell me why you joined the debate team."

Stryker: "Because I plan to hone those skills in this very kitchen?"

Matron: "Okay, fellow Buddhists. Let's work on honing our loving kindness practice and worry about what we're going to get for the holiday we don't celebrate anyway, later."

Stryker: "I am a capitalist. The loving kindness thing will cost you."

And if she had an extra $487.63 laying around, she just might have written that check--while banging her head against the counter.


Daisy said...

Yes, he earns points for creativity and perseverance.

Wenderina said...

Did Stryker steal all of Merrick's reading desire to hone these skills? That was a unique discussion. (on and the word verification for this post is flunks...)

smalltownme said...

So curious...what is it that costs $487.63 plus shipping?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Stryker is back! Yes!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You teach them how to think and they use it against you!

Anonymous said...

His wit and intellect are so sharp I feel it over here.

Sue said...

I clicked on to this post from your more recent post about Stryker, and I wanted to write...
one thing, is that I ended up feeling very generous with my own son, and bought him the same game - and he was just as thrilled as your son - (that was before I read your post.)

And the second thing. I'm kinda interested in the whole "Buddhism" thing. I've been kinda going in that direction myself. And I was wondering if you'll ever think about writing a bit about that?

Just wonderin' -