Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flesh Eating Bacteria!

Okay, hopefully not.

But today the Matron decided that when the red spot around your indeterminate bug bite spreads to eight inches, it's a good idea to visit the doc.


Fever. Chills.

Add to this mix 97 unread Discussion Posts in her online class and the growing realization the Scarlett is NOT in Annie but Peyton's Place. omigod.

Stage Mother to daughter: "No matter what, do not gossip or talk about other actors. Rise above. Be a complete professional."

Scarlett: "This is going to be interesting."


Pass the wine and antibiotics! Good thing she never tried heroin. She'd be done for.


Suburban Correspondent said...

Cellulitis is awful. But not as bad as flesh-eating bacteria. Take heart - you're miserable, but not horrible!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Interesting indeed. Keep us 'posted.'

Amy said...

I had cellulitis from a spider bite. I drove myself to the hospital at 1 am and came home with a leave it in iv. Not a please I hope you feel better quickly.

Susan said...

Saw the scariest new story on the flesh eating bacteria - glad you are dealing with something treatable.