Monday, June 22, 2009

The Mood She's In

Need she say more?

The Matron was born into a state of existentialist angst that STILL fits her like kid gloves. Sigh.

Back with better news tomorrow!


tony said...

What A Great Link.Thank You.

JFS in IL said...

So - are you creepy old guy or cute pink thingie? Or need I ask ;-)

Gagata said...

I am Swedish, and all our authors from that period (with one notable exception) are like that.

Take a poet like Stagnelius, here is a little sample:
Förruttnelse, hasta, o älskade brud,
att bädda vårt ensliga läger!
Förskjuten av världen, förskjuten av Gud,
blott dig till förhoppning jag äger.

Hm, I am not competent to translate poetry, so this is a no-frills translation:
Decay, hurry, o beloved bride,
to our lonesome bed!
Denied by the world, denied by God,
only for you I retain some hope.
(Yes, Decay is his, symbolic, bride, and yes, he hopes for only her now.)

You would make a great Swede, existentialist angst is our main cultural export. (And, well, porn in the 60s.)

Ulrike said...

I enjoyed that. Existentially....

You could also existentially check out

I like that too.

Minnesota Matron said...

The Matron would be both the creepy old guy and the adorable creature!