Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here's How it Happens

The Matron understands that some people instantly write her off Evil-Driven-Washedup-Overinvested-Stage Mother Bitch based on Scarlett's theatrical endeavors.  

Trust her.  She's seen the look in their eyes.  First, there's the assessment by the other parent or theatre person.  Oh?  Non-stop work for Scarlett,  starting at seven?  

Then there's the look at the Matron, sizing her up:  non-stop work starting at seven?  Certainly, a parent is responsible!   Uh, insane.

And friends?  That SO makes sense.   Wouldn't a parent be responsible or insane?  She means, in normal situations and lives, don't the parents arrange the play dates, pick the leagues, organize the schedules?

It's at this juncture that she wants to tell these strangers who already hate her that her daughter wrote, directed, produced and starred in her first play AT seven --  with completely tangental parental involvement related only to FOOD.  This is a child who reads the Twin Cities audition web site before breakfast--EVERY SINGLE DAY.


So recent events were characteristic.

It's been frequently suggested to the Matron that she sign up Scarlett for lesson in Dance, Movement and such.  This would be training for that theatrical career.  Indeed, the Matron has received a bit of heavy pressure to this end.

Now, the Matron wants her daughter to meet all those beautiful goals, whatever they be, so she asked her.

"Scarlett, do you want to take dance lessons?"

Scarlett:  "NO."

Matron:   "Let me give you all the information.   Some of the other parents have said this is important--training to dance.  Lots of other kids in shows take dance lessons.  It's your choice.  Do you want to?"

Scarlett:  "NO.  If a director of a show I'm in tells me to, I will.  Otherwise, no."

Matron:   "Okay."

And that's the end of that.

But . . . . when a casting agent called recently and asked if Miss S wanted to work in commericial and film?

The Matron said she'd have to ask her daughter.

The answer?   Yes, yes, yes.  

Really.  Who's running this show?  And still awake from a 9 hour day at rehearsal?

(aside:  the Matron has made a full recovery from Tuesday's Dental Shoppe of Horrors, being able to laugh at herself again).


Lynda said...

I love that your child is so focused and dedicated - I need some of that to rub off on my 17 yr old.... her passion? Boys!

Kate Hanley said...

Hey, I totally get it. I'm so impressed by your daughter and by your ability to handle it with such aplomb.

smalltownme said...

So many kids are aimless. It's great that she is focused on her goal.

Re the aside: good news!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better. And I applaud you for letting the dance/movement class alone--she seems to do Just Fine without it and you do enough driving as it is:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by "Just Fine" I mean incredibly successful at a level a lot of those dance/movement students only dream of achieving. Truly, your daughter remarkable!

Daisy said...

Scarlett is lucky that her mom allows and even supports her involvement. Not all kids would have that adventure!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Parents of kids who excel at just about anything have this problem. The important thing is that you're supporting Scarlet's ambition, not pushing her. The difference is clear -- if it's your idea for Scarlet to work this hard -- then there's trouble.

Anonymous said...

If I am one from whom you have felt disapproval or pressure or judgement, I am truly sorry. It reflects completely on my lack of understanding, not on your parenting. Never having had an ounce of theatrical drive nor been in the familial presence of it, I have some difficulty truly understanding it. But I have no doubt as to who is driving your theatrical chariot, and it is not you. You deserve some big-time parenting kudos for helping Scarlett achieve her dreams.

Jenny Grace said...

I would feel weird about the whole thing, so it's lucky for Scarlett that you're so supportive.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I've got one just like her at home except in place of all things theater insert all things science.

Glad to hear that you're on the mend, dentally and emotionally.


Ree said...

Hey honey. Your daughter is happily pursuing her own passion. If you can make that easier for her? More power to you.

Anyone who says anything else is just jealous. ;-)

Minnesota Matron said...

No worries KmKat -- all her blogging friends are PERFECTLY supportive. She means other parents and sometimes crew who have reason to worry, based on past bad experiences. . .

SUEB0B said...

Wow, you are SO cold and calculating! That poor, poor child.