Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And Your Day?

6:00; Alarm signals Matronly arousal (sorry sweetie not that kind)

6:10: Clean whatever mess the geriatric Jekyll has left on the first floor. Feed both dogs (reluctantly for many reasons unique to each).

6:19.5: "Good morning, Stryker!"

6:19.7: Feed, probe, buoy, consider and generally support the oldest.

6:51: School bus! Which comes right to the house-- miracle of God-Buddha-Oprah-Allah. Plus, the driver is Santa.

6:52-7:14: Matron quickly checks email, brushes teeth, finishes coffee and flees before Scarlett's alarm goes off in one minute and All the World's a Stage.

7:25: Arrive at LifeTime Fitness where she secures her position in size 1 jeans. Sorry.

9:20: Arrive at College XX where she deftly avoids the colleagues who plan to retire (and have30 years of stories to tell) in the spring and settles in for a guerrilla grading.

10:45-1:00: Office hours and amazing array of Student Distress, including stroke, gunshot and jail time.

1:00-1:50: Class! In which students experience breathrough and inquiry and all kinds of amazing breakthrough take place. Oh! Beautiful moment.

2:00: Workshop on Best Online Teaching Practices

3:00: Rendezvous with Tech Department, during which the Matron receives her college-issued laptop and a tour of said instrument.

4:00-4:45: Panicked emails and online communication with completely lost student desperately seeking all of her assignments.

Intermittent through Day: Phone, text, and email with the husband, the children, their teachers, and extended family/social network

4:45-5:45: Drive one hour to Grandma Mary, who is suddenly, desperately ill and alone at home, post-surgery.

5:45-6:15: Because the Matron knows her mother has no food in the house, she buys some.

6:15-9:00: General Care of the mother, including eventual understanding that the current crisis is a side-effect of Oxycotin. Further pharmacueticals are required so the Matron purchases, stocks and administers.

9:00-10:00: Drive home.

10:00: Arrive home to 2 out of 3 children wide awake and Needy in honor of her arrival.

10:55: Typing this to the tune of David Letterman. Oh--and the background sound of Scarlett's feigned illness, this time manifested as a dry cough. That girl has staying power.

Bed, anyone? Only to start again tomorrow . . . and your day?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Better than yours. I'm sorry--I have had days (and weeks and months) like that and they surely do take it out of you. Hang in there.

thefirecat said...

Had my windshield replaced, got my period, went to my shrink, playing online Scrabble with a friend in St. Louis. (I'm on spring break) That's been about the size of it.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh. I am so tired just reading.

Gunshot? Oh. My.

Lynda said...

Are you sure you don't live in my house??

Becky said...

That would be like a week of work for a lesser woman. Good thing that tomorrow, you can just lounge around and watch old movies. RIGHT?

The highlight/major business of my day was my oldest child getting her palate expander installed in her mouth, and learning to turn it with the little key. Fun!

Anonymous said...
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Waffle said...

I set mine out only 2 days ago. Not so shiny either. But at least your beautiful moment was long and selfless. Mine was 3 minutes with the paper and a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

That, girl, is a full day. Whew.

Michele R said...

The details may differ but many similarities. Except I keep saying I need to be better to my body. Kudos to you for the Lifetime Fitness.

Heather said...

It feels good to see it all typed out though, doesn't it? To see all that you did?

Anonymous said...

This puts to shame a day of wrestling with intransigent Excel spreadsheets and recalcitrant tax software and idiot staffers who cannot recognize a balance sheet (containly exactly 2 numbers) that doesn't balance.

Jenny Grace said...

Today it's started at 545am (PDT) with a hot shower and some last minute panicking, and will end at 730 TOMORROW morning (EDT) with a nap and a shower before I begin my East Coast Weekend Adventure.

Wenderina said...

Wow. Exhausting. Hang in there.

Daisy said...

Dragged class on field trip, struggle through library checkout with substitute paraprofessional who couldn't figure out the computer, dealt with more ADHD than anyone (outside of medical field) should have to see in one day.

Nora said...

Hang in there...