Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Political Theatre

The Matron nearly fell off her rocking chair at this one. She has plenty of favorite political videos and plans to post more, throughout the day. But this is her favorite--the heady intellectual transcript from an official Town Meeting in Wasila, Alaska. Presided over by? Yup! President Palin?


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right for a village of 6,000 people. Executive experience, my eye.

Cherish said...

wow, just wow

dkuroiwa said...

I'm trying to laugh very quietly here as everyone is sleeping in my house...very hard to do, my friend, very hard!
Too funny! Crumb cake! :-D
Yeah...she's qualified to be the VP! (no no nononononono!!)
That guy is great, by the way!!

David said...

i think i just gave myself a tiny little stroke, i laughed so hard! thanks for posting this.

we might want to bury this video, though? presiding over any meeting that contains "bull crap, eddie: you had about half them chips ahoys..." is only gonna convince people that, indeed, she's got the "executive experience" chops she and hers have been going on about!

LOVE your blog!