Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Mother Nature Gives Us

Given the Matron's unique weather history, she is doubly grateful that Sunday's tornadoes decided to skip her this time. She joins the rest of the state mourning for the family who lost their two-year old son to the weather.

Weather is dangerous stuff, folks. Toss an earthquake into that definition and the entire planet seems to be suffering, inordinately.

So much tragedy sobers. Maybe that's why the Matron has been doubly grateful for life's small beauties. Like Peace Day at her children's public Montessori School. Thursday looked like this:

This gym full of children? Friends, they stood up and waltzed, boy-girl, as a unit. The Matron was not the only parent choking back tears, it was just that damn sweet.

Here's the Visiting Artist who taught the children folk songs and dance for six weeks, culminating in Peace Day, a day long celebration of Peace. JJ Hill Montessori is an International Peace Site!

The Matron wanted to run into the bathroom and weep, just knowing this guy would be in the Hormonal Hell of Junior High School next year--perfectly timed to torture the perimenopausal Matron, who is riding her own interesting hormonal waves these days.

Merrick was crowned "King" in this classroom.

She watched her daughter dance.

And generally soaked in the beauty of all those children -- there were bagpipes and fiddlers and an eye-popping spring day!

What elementary school gets talent like Peter Ostroushko, the Prairie Home Companion regular?! The Matron found lots of excuses for hanging out, here:

An entire day spent at school also provided information about her youngest child that gave the Matron pause. Merrick is without question the Class Clown, the goof ball. He is also the only one of her children who was not reading (well, too) by age 5. She wonders if there's a connection.

Mother Nature has handed the Matron Spring! There's a sense of expansion and joy in the air! Gratitude, spring, the sobering reality of how tenuous this life is, how brief. Even Satan's Familiar rides the wave . .

She wishes each of you, your own beautiful spring ride (with no bad weather).


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm so glad you were all ok. We had a the biggest thunderstorm and near flooding here on Saturday night - we don't get big rains very often here.

It was a sight to behold, especially considering I had just went on a big hike with the kids that very afternoon.

Take care.

Jennifer S said...

So glad the storm missed you.

All the Peace Day activities would have made me choke back a few tears, too. There's just something about the sight of a group of children, with all that hope. Gets me every time.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Our whole Memorial Day weekend was uncharacteristically cold and dreary. Today it's like someone turned the Spring on!

Anonymous said...

Happy spring back at ya! Looks like you celebrated in high style in our neighbor state!

Bonnie said...

Yes, spending time at school gives unique insight re. what "type" of kid we've got. My fifth grader has become the butt of all jokes lately - he didn't say a word to me, but it became evident when I joined him for lunch last week. I am ready to kick some 5th grader ass - don't think that would help much though - and possibly hurt. Is there a bully-proofing course he can go to this summer?

Glad the storms skipped your area - welcome to Spring! (it's summer in Texas already)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Spring sucks the big one, when your in Autumn/Winter.
Love your kids.

Maude Lynn said...

What an amazing Peace Day! How fabulous for the kids!

Angie said...

Love, Love, Love Montessori schools. Had we not homeschooled, this would have been my choice.

Such a great celebration of spring.......and SF's happy face with the wind blowing his whiskers - even the evil ones love spring, huh?

Jocelyn said...

Peter Ostroushko?

Duluth sucks.