Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sorry, Sweetie

A gifted singer and songwriter, my husband plans to enter a talent show during an upcoming real estate convention.

Talent show? Real estate convention? Perhaps they'll serve special grape Kool-Aid during the dirge.

Before you start sending us wool socks and new underwear - John's business is going great. Turns out those progressive, populist,left-leaning Buddhist values make him a gem among the nebulous. There's always a good guy or two in the maligned professions and who better to turn to when the going's rough?

Back to the talent show. John's plan? "I'm going to write the epic realtor song."

Let's see how that's working for me---epic and realtor.



Mrs. G. said...

This sounds like a You Tube moment if ever there was one.

Minnesota Matron said...

Funny, Mrs. G because you are exactly right. I think what I said was "Epic and realtor? I don't think so."

And we both cracked up. Big.

Anonymous said...

Oh now, I am sure that there is a long and bawdy ballad to be told about the stupid clients they must encounter.