Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Know Where This is Going, Girlfriend

Five years and three months ago, we bought and moved into the house we live in now.

Bonus! Even though the digs were nearly 100 years old, they included a kick-ass closet off the master bedroom ( we think it might've been a small nursery) with an amazing shoe rack--space for bountiful Shoe.

John and I very fairly divided the rack in two: half for Him and half for Her.

Today, John asked me: "How come your shoes have now taken over the entire shoe rack and my three pair are under the dresser?"

Me: "When you tell me why you, Stryker and Merrick are physically incapable of touching a toilet seat and gently moving it in a downward direction to rest on its match, I'll let you know."


Fairlie - said...

Oh, good answer!

Suburban Correspondent said...

We've got the opposite problem, my husband has a ridiculous number of shoes. And I keep telling him he doesn't realize how lucky he is that he doesn't have a spouse similarly enamored of footwear.

PunditMom said...


Anonymous said...

*Applauds wildly*