Saturday, January 12, 2008

To The People In the Cute Stucco on the Corner of Mclean and Johnson Parkway

I apologize for throwing up in your yard this morning. I apologize for doing so a second time, humiliation eased just a bit by the fact that I made it to the boulevard instead of your front yard.

I should probably write a note or clean up, but ( as soon as I turn off this computer) I am in bed with the flu.

The question of the hour is how someone with a fever and stomach flu ends up on the corner of Johnson Parkway and Mclean -- about a mile from her house -- at 7:00 am on a Saturday morning?

Because the matronly brain is not connected to her body. These two entities sometimes exist on separate planets. So I interpreted my leaden legs, queasy stomach, and exhaustion (after a solid 8 hours of zz's') to a simple reluctance to rise and shine.

So I overcame that obstacle, the one called Reality, and headed out for my regular four mile run.

We all know how well that went.

So, neighbors at Mclean/Johnson Parkway, I hope for a day of steady snow, natural integration and (small and friendly )wild animals without actual palate.

The Matron is snuggling in under some covers.


aaryn b. said...

You didn't finish your 4-mile run? What the...? C'mon woman! You gotta work through the pain! You gotta be the Julie Moss of motherhood, an inspiring example for all the rest of us suckers who can barely huff through a thirty minute treadmill excursion when healthy. Yes, Minnestoa Matron Motherlove Moss:

Minnesota Matron said...

Oh my God! Thanks so much for that video. I clearly remember that and being horrified AND inspired. It's funny but when I'm sometimes at my exercise end, I think of that race but didn't remember her name.

It took me two years to work up to a four mile run but now I'm an addict.

Although at the moment, I am at the mercy of my (very unhappy) stomach. Ugh.

Mrs. G. said...

You can throw up in my yard anytime. Hope you feel better soon.

Karen Jensen said...

Poor girl. I hope you feel much, much better.

Minnesota Matron said...

I am actually better but not quite well. Had a bowl of cereal about an hour ago and--although my stomach is churny--it's a far cry from this morning. Ugh! But the body, oh it does ache.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You felt queasy and decided to run? Wow. I am so impressed.

I hope you feel better soon; take care of yourself.

(Thanks for stopping by my sites.)

Anonymous said...

Your works have me bent over laughing! I hope you feel better soon!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

Tracy said...

Feel better soon! :-)

Suburban Correspondent said...

oh, wow - that's humiliating. But you were probobly too sick to care.

It always amazes me how long it takes me to realize that i'm sick, not lazy.

Angie said...

Puke is better than letting your dog poop in their yard, right?

So, it could be worse - I'm sure you're forgiven.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Nora said...

Ugg. Just getting over the flu myself, awful terribleness. I'm very impressed that you went running!

Kimberly said...

You're a trooper even trying to go out and run with a queasy stomach. I'm glad to read you're feeling better.